AGIN and NISSIBI Bridges

The AGIN and NISSIBI Bridges are projects in Eastern Turkey where sophisticated Structural Health Monitoring has been applied.


Outer Ring Road in Bangkok

The Outer Ring Road in Bangkok contains a series of large cable-stayed bridges across the Chao Phraya River.


Bezka Bridge

The Bezka Bridge in Serbia is an old concrete cantilever bridge which has been assessed and a new structure erected beside it.


Costa Rica

A cable-stayed bridge has been designed in Costa Rica, suitable for the natural hazards of earthquakes and hurricanes.


HALIC Bridge Istanbul

The HALIC Bridge in Istanbul carries the metro line across the Golden Horn. Services from conception till final monitoring activities have been performed.


Happel Stadion in Vienna

The Happel Stadion in Vienna, Austria comprises a sophisticated roof structure allowing a support-less suspension. Assessment and monitoring activities have been performed.


Izmit Bay Bridge in Turkey

The Izmit Bay Bridge in Turkey spans 1.505 meters and comprises the fourth largest bridge in the world. Lenders technical advisory services have been provided.


MONDI Plant Korea

Services for a production plant of MONDI in Korea comprised structural reliability assessment as well as requirements for plant extension.


Nuclear Plants

Expertise for a number of Nuclear Plants has been given to support the Austrian government in maintaining the relationship to the operators and respective nations.


Off-Shore Advisory Services

The portfolio of off-shore advisory services comprises structural design and checking / monitoring and identification as well as compliance with existing rules and regulations. A specific guideline on such structures has been elaborated in Germany.


Research Projects

Within the many Research Projects that have been coordinated since 1995, a major number of excessive testing activities were carried out. Detailed knowledge in this large field is available.


Risk identification / assessment and management

Risk identification / assessment and management are performed on various structures all around the world. Satellite images are used in combination with terrestrial exploration. Expertise for a major number of projects worldwide has been given.


Mondi Plant Thailand

For the extension of a MONDI plant in Thailand, support services for design and construction have been provided. The project is successfully completed.


Asset Management of Bridges in the US

Several joint activities with colleagues from the United States have led to a joint approach on Asset Management of Bridges within the Long-Term Bridge Performance Project (LTBPP). A sophisticated methodology is available.